co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: Amsterdam South - Uithoorn Customer Vossloh ETS Project start: 2023 Cleanup potential: 992 tons of CO₂


Tram line 25

The route of the tram line from Amsterdam-Zuid to Amstelveen will be extended to Uithoorn. The extension of line 25 is expected to be commissioned in 2024. Commissioned by railway specialistVossloh ETSwe were allowed to supply the paving of the adjacent viewing path.


Sustainable solutions

Already during the design of the tender, every effort was made to realize the project as sustainably as possible. Think of the use of electric vehicles and the use of sustainable materials. And also by making the maintenance paths from greenSand inspection path material.

If you want to know more about the sustainable solutions, take a look at the website ofAPPM.


greenSand viewing path

If olivine comes into contact with water, it removes CO2 from the air. This goes even faster when there is movement, which is why it is very suitable for a viewing path where maintenance workers walk.

Additional benefit; olivine contains no particulate matter, so it is safe for people and nature.


Clearance certificates

The olivine-rich rock will capture 992 tons of CO2 in the next 100 years. CO2 clearance certificates are available for this.

With this we earn back part of our costs and we can finance a subsequent project. You can see these CO2 clearance certificates as compensation for that part of your footprint that you cannot (yet) reduce. Or of course to compensate for your historical emissions.

Number of certificates: 992

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