Cleaning up CO2 with certificates

At greenSand we offer you a unique way to permanently offset your CO2 emissions with our special clean-up certificates. Each certificate represents the removal of 1 ton of CO2, spread over different time periods. The certificate reflects the time you allow the earth to clean up the CO2 you offset. You can choose between 10, 50 or 100 years. Depending on your choice, we provide the required surface of greenSand olivine. As a result, your CO2 is cleaned up by the earth itself in the chosen time frame. 100% natural and permanent.

Choose your cleanup rate per ton of CO2

Mineral Certificate:
CO₂ compensation <10 years


Sand Certificate:
CO₂ compensation <50 years


Stone Certificate:
CO₂ Offset <100 years


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CO2 Clearance Certificates

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