Certificate: CO₂ Compensation

1000 kg
How many tons of CO₂ do you want to offset?

ONCRA certified

Permanent Clearance

CO2 Compensation Explanation

In this video Maarten explains exactly how CO2 compensation at greenSand works.

This is how we clean up your CO2

For every ton of CO₂ that you compensate, we spread 1 ton of greenSand. We permanently clean up your CO₂ by naturally capturing it with Olivine rich rocks. This process is called weathering and its effect has been proven both by science and by the earth itself.

Your certificate retains its value

When you compensate CO₂ via greenSand, you can be sure that the CO₂ compensated by you will actually be recorded for eternity. In contrast to offsetting CO₂ through trees, with us you can be sure that the CO₂ you offset will never go up in smoke again.

ONCRA certified

ONCRA stands for Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting. ONCRA's framework makes removal and storage of carbon dioxide with nature-based solutions measurable and controllable.

We are proud to be the first company to receive Oncra certification.

This link will take you to the ONCRA website

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my CO₂ emissions be compensated?

For every ton of CO₂ that you compensate through us, we will spread 1 ton of greenSand Olivine. In this way you have directly contributed to more surface area for the olivine rock over the earth.

Where is my CO₂ cleaned up?

The weight you compensate is spread in greenSand olivine at our spreading locations. The scattering locations are publicly accessible. Think of a schoolyard, a municipal park and the like. Companies and individuals cannot become a scattering location.

How long does the CO₂ stay cleared?

The weight of CO₂ that you compensate is permanently fixed by the rock. The only way that the CO₂ is released again is when the rock is heated to 1600 degrees.

What is the difference with trees?

The compensation concept is the same, the difference is in the CO₂ sequestration. When you compensate your CO₂ by planting trees. Then you will receive a certificate for the CO₂ that is stored in the wood of the trees. However, the CO₂ sequestration of bomem is temporary. The certificate you receive loses its value during a forest fire or when the tree dies.

What is the price based on?

The price per tonne of CO₂ is based on supply and demand in the market. In addition, the quality and the retention period also play a role. In 2017 the price was still under €10 for a ton of CO₂, nowadays the price is around €90 for a ton of CO₂. The current price can be seen on the German trading platform EEX

Why offset CO2?

Thanks to humanity, the Earth's CO₂ cycle is currently out of balance. Too much CO₂ is emitted than can be absorbed again. By offsetting your own CO₂ emissions or part of them, you directly contribute to bringing the CO₂ cycle back into balance.

Why offset CO₂ at greenSand?

With greenSand you can be sure that the CO₂ you calculated will actually be cleaned up. The Olivine weathering process is Earth's only natural and permanent solution for removing CO₂. If you choose greenSand, you choose a compensation certificate that retains its value.

"Let the earth help us save the earth"

Every kilo of greenSand clears up 1 kilo of CO₂

The mineral Olivine weathers (rusts) with the CO₂ in the rainwater. It has been proven in the lab that 1 kg of greenSand Olivine captures 1 kg of CO₂. However, we are convinced that it goes even faster in real nature. By using greenSand Olivine as a replacement in as many applications as possible worldwide, we can permanently capture a large part of the CO₂ surplus in a natural way. Will you also contribute?