Last Wednesday, the international conference on the accelerated weathering of stones took place for the fourth time.

The conference was organized by the Climate Cleanup Foundation and was held in the Cultural Center Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

 The program contained the following themes: 

  • The effects of improved weathering on aquatic ecosystems
  • The effects of enhanced weathering on terrestrial ecosystems
  • Companies and policy

This hybrid conference was well attended. Both online and physically present in the room, scientists from all over the world shared their research and results. In addition, representatives of companies that work with olivine-rich rocks spoke. For greenSand Kai Geertsma gave a short presentation.

Surprise for Eddy

After lunch, enjoyed in a beautiful spring sun, our greenSand founder, Eddy Wijnker, was honored with a path of his own: The Eddy Wijnker path. Complete with photo session and placing a sign.

Of course on this path the CO2 clearing greenSand Olivine can be found.

We have heard many inspiring stories and would like to thank the organizers and employees of the Tolhuistuin who made this day possible.

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