Vegetable garden fair

The annual vegetable garden fair was held this time on the beautiful estate H honesty Mariënwaerdt in Beesd. Dieke and Kirsten had put together a very diverse program for the weekend. There was plenty to see and experience in the field of your own vegetable garden. From construction to harvest, from permaculture to worm hotel. You could buy warm socks and of course also seeds and plants. There were masterclasses and about 60 stands spread over the estate. The food trucks did very good business in the pleasant central area. The weather helped with a nice sun.

Queue in front of the entrance of the Moestuinbeurs in Beesd

Sold out both days

It was a very successful weekend with vegetable gardeners from all over the country. Fortunately, the estate had a huge lawn that served as a parking lot.
After the entrance, everyone swarmed in a direction and could prepare for the new vegetable garden season.

green sand stand

Eddy, Kai and Maarten have been telling everyone interested about greenSand's mission these days. Because of course, as a vegetable gardener, you can use our products for strong growth, as a lime replacement and then also clean up CO2. Did you miss us?
There are already plans for next year.

greenSand team at the Moestuinbeurs in Beesd

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