MKI What is it?

The environment on the budget

A day after Willem Alexander gave the annual speech from the throne and while the general considerations are in full swing, we focus on a different way of budgeting. Namely, not just a monetary cost estimate, but a total picture in which the costs for the environment are taken into account in the decision-making process.

Today the first products with a negative MKI (Environmental Cost Indicator) have been included in the National Environmental Database: greenSand Semi-paving and Crusher sand.

The environmental cost indicator (MKI) was created due to the increasing demand for sustainability. This expresses the environmental effects of a product in euros. To calculate the MKI, the environmental impact at each stage of a product's life cycle is first calculated by conducting a life cycle assessment (LCA). The results from the LCA are then linked to monetary weighting (€) and added together to arrive at 1 MKI score.

Life cycle analysis

greenSand Semi-paving and Breaker sand

Nibe has made an extensive life cycle analysis, which includes the process of mining, crushing, transport (from Spain), delivery to the customer in the Netherlands, application of the material, use and reuse. The LCA has been validated by LBP Sights.

We started by having greenSand recorded Semi-hardening and greenSand Breaker sand because of their application possibilities in public spaces. These negative environmental costs (read environmental benefits) provide an additional incentive to companies, municipalities and provinces to choose greenSand products that help combat the consequences of climate change.

Environmental benefits for our planet

First negative environmental costs

This is the environmental benefit of our greenSand products with a lifespan of 100 years:

  • greenSand (Bulk) Semi-paving MKI € -4.07 per ton (€ -5.10 per m³)
  • greenSand (Big Bag) Crusher sand MKI from €-15.23 per tonne (€-17.82 per m³)

Both can be found in the National Environmental Database.

As of January 2025, the criteria for environmental impact will become more specific. An important element for greenSand is that the CO2 intake is valued differently, more fairly in our view. There is now a rate of €0.05 per kilo that is expected to increase.


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