startup program

DB mind box

Deutsche Bahn is constantly looking for innovative products and services. They offer support to startups with new technologies or concepts in a 100-day program. Which startups receive help is determined through pitch sessions.
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Selection Day

Next Tuesday, a pitch session will be held at the station in Berlin with the themes "green technology" (GreenTech) and construction technology (ConTech).

greenSand Oliwijnrijk Schouwpad and Ballast

greenSand's Richard Learbuch will give a pitch on Tuesday about our CO₂ capturing products that can be used by the railways as a climate and environmentally friendly replacement for "regular" rocks that are used on, for example, inspection paths and as ballast.

In the Netherlands they are already cleaning up CO₂

Chimney paths

There are already a number of inspection/inspection paths along the track in the Netherlands. not only from the train, but also from tram lines. That's how it isHoek van Hollandhas already captured a lot of CO₂ and has been doing so since this yearUithoorn linejoin our climate action. Do you also want to participate?


Do your part

Clean up your own CO₂

Help the earth create more surface area. Discover all Olivine products.

Offset your CO₂

We scatter the Olivine for you. Together we can create more surface area.

Become a co-owner

Become part of the solution. Buy a registered share in greenSand from €15.