MHC Heesch gets sustainable field

The specialist in the construction and maintenance of sports fields, Antea Sport, has built a new and unique water field in Heesch.

Carbon Fix, the solution for CO2 in the construction of sports fields

In 2019, Antea Sport won the Innovation Award for Sports Facilities 2019 with Carbonfix. An olivine-rich crushed stone that is used in the substructure of synthetic turf sports fields. CarbonFix was developed using greenSand Olivine and has been approved by NOC*NSF under standard M27.c-103. With the help of the mineral olivine, CO2 is permanently bound.

Sustainable innovations

AnteaSport has applied a number of other innovations, as a result of which playing on this water-based field requires considerably less water and also consumes less electricity. While the fast and dynamic gaming experience remains intact.

To learn more about this project, go to thewebsite of Antea Sport

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