Origin of the Earth

Recently, olivine has its own place in the geological museum Hofland in Laren. The museum tells the geological, biological and historical story of the earth.

With a number of permanent exhibitions you can follow the formation of the earth. You can also learn more about the history of habitation of Het Gooi.

The permanent exhibitions are:

Throw past
Life on Earth
Rock cycle
Prehistoric cave

In the display case, olivine does not clean up any CO2

In the mini exhibition about the mineral olivine, you will learn more about olivine's unique ability to bind CO2. For this it needs water and CO2. So no CO2 is cleaned up at this place. But in your own garden, company or municipality there are countless possibilities to let the olivine-rich rock help in our joint fight against climate change. Clickhereto see what the possibilities are.

See also the museum's website:

Geological Museum Hofland
Hilversumseweg 51
1251 EW Laren

Do your part

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