The RTL news channel pays attention to the climate. They even have a special climate expert in the person of Bart Verheggen. Last Friday Bart brought an article about Olivine.

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The piece quotes Pieter van der Tang, who went looking for an alternative to gravel for RET. It resulted in greenSand's largest project to date: the viewing path along the Hoekse Lijn .

Climate Engineering

The video explains how people are experimenting with possibilities to adjust the climate, for example by "whitewashing" clouds. This shows that there are possibilities, but that this does not remove the need to reduce and evenclean up CO2 .

Obstacle out of the way

The piece also addresses an obstacle that has so far slowed down its use: the possibly higher concentration of nickel in the rock. The knowledge institute Deltares has conducted research into this in recent years. The result of this is that nickel contamination is limited and remains below the European directives.

Read the whole article here: RTL Z Olivine absorbs CO2


RTL Z news items also paid attention to the use of olivine in the fight against climate change. The item can be found at the end of the 10:00 am bulletin .

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