of climate change
are being felt in more and more places.
The erratic weather extremes ensure that
the call for action gets louder and louder.
In addition, the question also arises:
What can we do about
to prepare us
on the risks
the changing


Water buffers

For example, the use of water buffers, also called water storage areas or retention areas. These are areas designed to store water. They serve as reservoirs where excess water is collected during periods of heavy rainfall or melting snow (the latter always happens less in the well-known ski resorts, but that's another story). The collected water is gradually released during drier periods.

Gravel box / wadi

A gravel box or wadi (water drainage, drainage and infiltration) is an underground pit filled with gravel, in which water slowly sinks, without the soil silting up.
This prevents the soil from drying out and prevents overloading of the sewer system. A gravel box is also often used when disconnecting the rainwater drainage system to prevent the sewage system from overflowing.

Gravel strip / splash edge

You can also install a gravel strip along your home. This usually has the function that during rainfall there is less trouble with splashing sand, so that the walls remain clean and discolor less. In that case you speak of a splash edge.

greenSand decorative split

You can use our greenSand decorative split . This is available in various grades and has a number of advantages over the use of gravel:
      • CO₂ is removed from the atmosphere
      • the soil is deacidified
      • the stones are porous and therefore retain water longer


So you see: The use of CO₂ clearing Siersplit testifies that climate adaptation does not always require complex technologies or large-scale gestures.
Sometimes it's small, thoughtful choices that can have a big impact.

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