co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: Science Park Amsterdam
Cleanup started: 2017
Cleanup potential: 83 tons of CO₂


Sustainable Nature Laboratory

Students at the University of Amsterdam came up with a plan for the vacant lot in the Science Park, next to the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

They proposed to turn it into a nature lab. A permaculture where research can be done into sustainable agriculture within an urban environment.

The project was completed in 2017 and has since grown into a green oasis in the middle of the Science Park.

Meeting place

for green lovers

It is also a place for all Amsterdammers. The garden is open to green lovers in the city. To walk, to meet each other, but also to learn something. Fun and educational activities are regularly organized and workshops are held, in which a sustainable environment for people, animals and plants is central.

Visit or assist

Anna's garden & bush

Anna's garden & Ruigte can be found at Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam.

Certificate Holders

funded CO2 cleanup trails

In 2020, greenSand contributed even more olivine-rich stones. The hiking trails are constructed with olivine crusher sand, which naturally clears up CO2. Students also conduct research into the mineral Olivine.

Do you also want to support our mission? Watch the video below in which Maarten talks about this project that came about thanks to greenSand certificate holders. .

walking on olivine

Cleaning up CO2 in Anna's Garden and Ruigte

Do your part

Clean up your own CO₂

Help the earth create more surface area. Discover all Olivine products.

Offset your CO₂

We scatter the Olivine for you. Together we can create more surface area.

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