Risks and information

We think it is important that you are aware of the risks of investing in greenSand. Investing can yield returns, but investments can also lose value. It is also possible that you are temporarily unable to sell the certificates. Therefore, only invest with money that you can afford to miss and always keep enough savings for unexpected expenses. After the characteristics of greenSand you can read more about the risks of investments and depositary receipts for shares.

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Features of greenSand Certificates of Shares
• The fund is formed by the certification of shares by greenSand Stock NV and contributed to the STAK (Stichting Administratiekantoor).
• The STAK issues registered Depository Receipts with a nominal value of €0.01.
• The depositary receipts for shares are certified and have no voting rights.
• The share certificates are tradable. In the future there will be an online trading system/platform for this. Until then, transactions will go through the greenSand office.
• greenSand itself does not buy back depositary receipts for shares, but assists in the mutual sale of depositary receipts for shares.

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Risks of investing in greenSand


The market value of the depositary receipts for shares largely depends on market conditions and the (macro) economic developments that determine the market conditions. These market conditions may improve or deteriorate, the number of greenSand projects may decrease or competition may increase. The availability of the number of large-scale projects from the government and companies influences the market, if there is a decrease in the number of projects, the market risk increases.

Liquidity risk

Liquidity risk arises when certain investments are difficult to buy or sell. This may hinder the return on the invested shares as it prevents the company from executing the transactions at the favorable times. greenSand does not buy back shares.


If greenSand goes bankrupt, the value of the depositary receipts for shares will drop to €0. As a result, you will lose your investment and the depositary receipts for shares will expire. In the event of bankruptcy, the depositary receipts will be the last to be redeemed through the sale of the company's assets. Other stakeholders in the company are paid first, if there is still money available, this is divided equally among all certificate holders.

Laws and regulations

greenSand Stock NV is subject to (fiscal) laws and regulations. Local legislation with regard to the environment, zoning plans, tax regulations and financial (supervision) laws and regulations influence the profitability of greenSand Stock NV certificates. The risk consists of changes in laws and regulations that adversely affect greenSand. The use of greenSand in the optimal form to bind CO2 by spreading it over large areas of land and water can lead to regulations that cannot be foreseen as to how they will affect the forecast.


At the time of issue, greenSand's ambition was set at paying out a 3-5% return based on sales. However, the amount of the dividend is completely dependent on sales and the number of depositary receipt holders. Returns increase when our sales increase. But the return decreases when the number of certificate holders increases. However, the dividend policy can be adjusted and set lower or at zero/nil if greenSand's financial situation requires it.


greenSand does not buy back depositary receipts for shares. You should therefore take into account that the tradability of the certificates is low. If you still want to sell your certificates, please contact info@greensand.nl

Share certificates are offered on the Eyevestor trading platform. From July 2023, share certificates can be traded via the Eyevestor platform.

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Invest in the future

When you invest in greenSand, you make a positive contribution to the well-being of people and the environment. Your investment is an important part of the impact greenSand makes on the climate. You not only receive a financial return, but you also create a green return for the future of our planet.