Drie voor een, drie voor elkaar

Three for one, three for each other

2 out of 3 world citizens are financially unable to contribute to a better climate. That is why we have chosen to offer our shares in multiples of 3. This way you not only contribute for yourself but also for someone else.

Unique dividend concept

With greenSand you receive dividend based on sales instead of profit. In this way, your return does not depend on our financial performance, but on the tons of greenSand Olivine that we actually distribute.

We expect a dividend payment between 3 and 5 percent per certificate.

Invest in the future

When you invest in greenSand you make a positive contribution to the well-being of people and the environment. Your investment is an important part of the impact greenSand makes on the climate. Not only do you receive a financial return, but you also create a green return for the future of our planet.

Become part of a movement

greenSand currently has more than 200 certificate holders. Our certificate holders are very involved in greenSand. New products and opportunities are being developed in the market together with our certificate holders. The shares are issued and controlled by the STAK. In addition, we will keep you informed of the positive changes within greenSand that are made possible thanks to your contribution.

Certificate of Registered Share

€ 15,00
3 Aandelen
Belegging disclaimer

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of investing?

The only costs are the purchase of the certificates themselves.
We do not charge hidden costs such as annual costs or transaction costs.

How does your dividend concept work?

Normally as an investor you receive a dividend based on the profit of a company. At greenSand you receive dividend based on sales. We reserve a fixed amount per tonne of greenSand Olivine to be able to pay out later as a dividend. In addition, we also encourage our certificate holders to actively tell the story to fellow human beings, which will indirectly ensure more surface area to be spread and more sales.

How is the price value determined?

Unlike with listed shares, the price of the depositary receipts is determined by the value of greenSand. The current price value is currently € 5. The very first share was sold at the time for a price value of € 1 to Professor Olaf Schuiling.

What should I pay attention to with depositary receipts for shares?

greenSand does not give advice for buying or selling depositary receipts for shares, the choice is entirely yours. Before investing in depositary receipts for shares of greenSand, it is important that you are properly informed or have sufficient knowledge of all risks. An investment in depositary receipts is intended as a long-term investment. greenSand wants to create a movement together with you to remove as much CO2 as possible from the air. Depositary receipts for shares are not covered by the deposit guarantee scheme.

Waar kan ik mijn aandelen beheren?

Na betaling ontvang je van ons binnen 1-2 werkdagen een certificaat met jouw naam er op. Het certificaat bevat een unieke code waarmee wij altijd kunnen traceren hoeveel aandelen je in bezit hebt.

In de loop van het nieuwe jaar krijg je van ons bericht over de dividend uitkering van het voorgaande jaar.

We zijn hard aan het werk om een eigen app te realiseren waar in je aandelen makkelijk kan beheren en je rendement kan bijhouden.

Ik ben mijn certificaat kwijt wat nu?

Geen probleem! Neem even contact met ons op dan sturen we je graag een nieuwe. Zolang je in bezit bent van een aandeel sta je in ons systeem.

Algemene gegevens

Raadpleeg onze prospectus voor beknopte informatie over de algemene gegevens van greenSand Stock N.V, de markt voor Olivijn, het beheer en het bestuur etc.

Download de prospectus in pdf

Samen staan we sterk.

Duurzaam investeren doe je voor de generaties na ons.

Wij willen de aarde mooier achter laten dan we deze hebben aangetroffen. Jij ook?

Doe mee en draag vandaag nog je steentje bij.

Investeer mee

"Let the earth help us save the earth"

Every kilo of greenSand clears up 1 kilo of CO₂

The mineral Olivine weathers (rust) with the CO₂ in the rainwater. It has been proven in the lab that 1kg greenSand Olivine captures 1kg CO₂. However, we are convinced that things go even faster in real nature. By using greenSand Olivine as a replacement in as many applications worldwide as possible, we can already permanently capture a large part of the CO₂ surplus in a natural way. Do you also contribute?