We challenge you

To think about how you can use greenSand Olivine against global warming for your club or your sports field(s). We have already developed and devised a number of applications ourselves.

Infill sand with bonus points

Together with Antea Sport, we have developed infill sand that has been approved by KIWA for use on artificial grass sports fields. greenSand Infill sand ensures that the artificial grass lasts longer and remains firm. It has a round grain, so that you can use a sliding without any problems.

You clean up CO₂

With greenSand you reduce the CO₂ footprint. We think it fits perfectly on many sports fields, because: the more intensively it is used, the better! You then work on your own fitness and at the same time also contribute to reducing global warming.

Applications with greenSand


greenSand can be used for sanding your golf course or for the construction of a bunker. Or paving the access roads. With greenSand you clean up CO₂ and give backspin to global warming.

Jeu de boules/petanque

On a course with greenSand Olivine, the cleanup doesn't go with the French trick. The target is not only the "but", but also Net-Zero in 2030. Due to the permanent weathering of olivine-rich stones, you remove CO₂ from the air.

Parking area

greenSand Olivine can be used excellently as a paving of footpaths. You can use different grain sizes for this. The smaller the stones, the faster CO₂ is cleared away.

Time for action

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Want to get started yourself?

Below you will find a selection from our range with which you can start using your sports field for our major CO₂ cleanup.