greenSand Crusher sand 0-2 mm


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Climate resistant

Stain-free application

Natural product

Removes CO₂

greenSand Breaker Sand Gradation 0-2mm

Climate-resistant crushing sand for under or between your tiles

The crusher sand from greenSand is the only crusher sand in the Netherlands that cleans up CO₂. It is made of Olivine rich rock. The sand has a gray-green color and is suitable for both small and larger grooves due to the 0-2mm gradation.

sustainable and climate resistant

Maintenance-friendly and stain-free

Due to the natural reaction of Olivine with rainwater, it deacidifies the soil and inhibits the growth of algae and weeds. As a result, you are less likely to encounter weeds between the grooves of your tiles. Unlike many other crusher sands on the market, the crusher sand is completely stain-free. Your tiles will therefore retain their original colour.

greenSand breaker sand 0-2mm is suitable for:

Raise and level

Ideal for raising pavements due to the square resistance.

Between the tiles

Inhibits weed growth between both small and large joints.

Under the pavement

A very stable underlay for your paving that also allows good water through.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size grooves will this fit between?

The gradation 0-2mm fits between all grooves and seams with a space from 2mm. You can always sweep up any stones that do not fit between the grooves and throw them at the plants. If you have even finer grooves than 2mm, you can also opt for our infill sand. This is suitable for grooves of 0.2-2mm

Where can I pick up the product

Click here for a list of all points of sale near you.

How high are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs differ per purchase and are automatically calculated based on the weight during the checkout process. For large projects you can always request a quote using the form below.

Is it water permeable?

Algae like an acidic soil. The greenSand breaker sand is made from Olivine, which has a de-acidifying property. You can therefore also use this product as a lime substitute. Because the crusher sand deacidifies the soil, you will encounter algae and acid-loving weeds less quickly between the tiles. This means you have to weed less often compared to using regular crusher sand.

How much CO₂ do I clean up?

The greatest profit is achieved by using greenSand as an alternative. Since other crusher sand does not clean up CO₂ and only emits CO₂. The exact amount of CO₂ that you clean up depends on the amount of weight you need for your project. You can assume 1 ton of CO₂ per 1 ton of Olivine. In reality, you will clean up more than 1 ton of CO₂ per ton of Olivine. However, we retain part of the CO₂ for our own account, due to transport, grinding, etc.

Aanvraag Brekerzand 0-2

"Let the earth help us save the earth"

Every kilo of greenSand clears up 1 kilo of CO₂

The mineral Olivine weathers (rusts) with the CO₂ in the rainwater. It has been proven in the lab that 1kg of greenSand Olivine captures 1kg of CO₂. However, we are convinced that it goes even faster in real nature. By using greenSand Olivine as a replacement in as many applications as possible worldwide, we can permanently capture a large part of the CO₂ surplus in a natural way. Will you also contribute?