CO₂ Compensation Certificates

Our vision

Restoration of CO₂ balance

Reduction - Of course, this is where the biggest challenge lies. Efforts are being made at all levels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In our blogs we will regularly make posts with tips for reducing.
Reduce CO₂ -
Most of our products are sold to end users. For example, for a sustainable garden path or as a contribution to a climate-neutral project. The favorable Environmental Cost Indicator of two of our products helps you make a choice for our climate solution.

Compensation - We offer CO₂ cleanup certificates for different types of projects: example projects, non-profit projects, research projects. We also offer certificates from which we use the proceeds for future projects.

It's your choice as to what you want to contribute to.

Your options

Choose below the type of compensation project that appeals to you and with which you would like to contribute.

Which we all benefit from

Non-Profit Projects

To make our climate solution known to a wider audience, we regularly donate our products to non-profit organizations. To finance this, we are looking for your help and offer you an opportunity to offset part of your CO₂ emissions (current or historical).

Familiarity makes you love

Example projects

Awareness is important to advance our climate solution. Every now and then we offer a product below our cost price to serve as an example for more projects. In order to finance this, we ask them to waive the so-called voluntary CO₂ rights. We also offer this in the form of CO₂ cleanup certificates. By doing so you not only help yourself, but you also become part of the climate solution.

Measuring and knowing

Research projects

Although already a lot is known about rock weathering with olivine, there are always things we don't know yet. We regularly receive requests from schools and universities and research agencies. For their pilot and field research into, for example, the speed of sequestration, the conditions (temperature, drought, soil conditions, planting) and applications. We are happy to make our products available for this purpose.

We currently have no ongoing projects. We expect to start a new research project in January.