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Climate resistant

long-term nutrition

Natural product

Removes CO₂


The most sustainable lime substitute on earth

Where lime releases CO₂, greenSand Olivine clears up CO₂. Every kilo of greenSand soil improver that you sprinkle over your lawn or plants clears up a net 1kg of CO₂. In addition, Olivine is more effective than Kalk, 1kg of greenSand Soil improver is equivalent to 1.43kg of lime. This way you save the earth and you have to sprinkle less for the same effect.

Promotes plant growth up to 15.6%

The grass is no longer greener on the other side

Magnesium is gradually released during the weathering of the Olivine. This is the substance that your plants and blades of grass need and which ensures greener leaves and stronger stems. And this is what you need to get the greenest garden in the neighborhood.

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Deacidify the soil

Olivine increases the Ph value and thus deacidifies the soil. It is the sustainable lime replacement of mother earth, 1kg equals 1.43kg lime.

Feeding from the bottom

In addition to deacidifying the soil, the Olivine nourishes the soil with important nutrients, including:. Magnesium, manganese and iron. Your plants and grass will grow greener than ever before.

tegels met greenSand olivijn bestrooid

Remove algae

Algae and some types of moss like an acidic soil. Due to the deacidifying function of the soil improver, it is also ideal for combating algae growth in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this feed the soil

Between 5 to 10 years, depending on the temperature and the amount of rain in your area. In addition, it also plays a role whether you simply sprinkle it over the bottom or mix it through. We recommend measuring the soil with a pH meter to see when it is time to spread again.

Where can I pick up the product

Click here for a list of all points of sale near you.

How high are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs differ per purchase and are automatically calculated based on the weight during the checkout process. For large projects you can always request a quote using the form below.

What plants is this suitable for?

greenSand's soil improver is suitable for 97% of all plants. The potting soil is less suitable for plants that like an acidic soil. Check in advance whether your plant is acid-loving.

How many kg should I spread?

For 10 m2, 5 kg of greenSand Soil Improver is sufficient. Sprinkle greenSand lightly or rake loosely through the top layer of the soil. A moist soil absorbs nutrients more easily. Sprinkle more greenSand olivine on sandy and peaty soils (acid) and less on clay soil (calcareous).

When is the best time to start sprinkling?

The soil conditioner can be used all year round. As a lime substitute, preferably use every year in autumn and/or late winter. 1 Kilo greenSand Soil improver replaces 1.5 kg lime.

Aanvraag Bodemverbeteraar

"Let the earth help us save the earth"

Every kilo of greenSand clears up 1 kilo of CO₂

The mineral Olivine weathers (rusts) with the CO₂ in the rainwater. It has been proven in the lab that 1kg of greenSand Olivine captures 1kg of CO₂. However, we are convinced that it goes even faster in real nature. By using greenSand Olivine as a replacement in as many applications as possible worldwide, we can permanently capture a large part of the CO₂ surplus in a natural way. Will you also contribute?