Origin Olivine

Olivine is one of the most common and fastest weathering minerals on earth. The Olivine rich rock that we offer on the European market comes from various mines in Europe. The choice of mine depends on the application where the Olivine rich rock is used. We are currently working with mines from Spain, Norway, Italy and Turkey. The choice is mainly based on the hardness and location of the possible project.

Where is olivine available

Here is a map with all locations on earth where Olivine rich rocks are currently being mined. greenSand mainly focuses on the European market and most of the grades we currently supply to the European market come from Spain. The map indicates that the use of Olivine has the potential to become a global solution for cleaning up CO₂

Olivine vs Basalt etc.

A common question... "why do you guys get Olivine all the way from Spain?" When A is better than B, we choose A.

In the table you can see the difference between Olivine rich rock from Spain compared to an alternative from Belgium. Where Olivine cleans up net CO₂, every other rock leaves an imprint.

The above calculation is based on the Hoekse Lijn project.


Inspired by the natural simplicity with which the mineral Olivine cleans up CO₂ and the increasing urgency of the climate problem, Eddy Wijnker founded greenSand in 2009.

"The earth has the solution to the climate problem. Together we just have to give it more surface area. With greenSand I want to give everyone the chance to help the earth save itself. Together we will combat climate change" Eddy Wijnker

Now is the time

You've probably heard it before: there is no planet B. It's a fact. We must all act now or it will be too late. Think about the future of the generations after us. Think about the future of our planet. Will you also contribute?

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