Official opening playing field with greenSand Olivine from TC de Kikkers


TC de Kikkers chairman Arjan Balkenende and Open Tournament chairman Peter Touw, together with greenSand founder Eddy Wijnker, officially opened the playing field sprinkled with olivine on 27 July. This is the first playing field in the world to be strewn with olivine. TC de Frogs thus captures 625 kg of Co2!

But this is not the only action taken by greenSand and TC De Frogs. All participants of the tournament also received a bag of olivine in their goodie bag and the finalists can pick up a bag of garden soil for free at the collection point Balkenende Hoveniers in Lisserbroek.

These sponsor actions are made possible by the Certificate Holders. By selling CO2 certificates it is possible for greenSand to spread more olivine.

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