co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: on the roofs of 16 tiny houses
Cleanup started: 2023
Cleanup capacity: 7.73 kilos of CO₂

throwing it away is a shame!'

Building with waste plastic

The mission of the founders of Clean2Anywhere actually started with 1 waste bin, their own. They turned the bucket over and started looking at the possibilities. This was the start of an unprecedented journey with the aim of providing inspiration to take action for a better world. From Antarctica, to a new circular business model for ships to the construction of tiny houses, which are built from recycled plastic, (demolition) wood and old jeans.

Tiny but complete

Circular and social

Clean2Anywhere is a collective of rethinkers and practical doers who realize inspiring projects with waste. In Hoorn, in addition to ships, they build Tiny Houses, which they largely make from secondary materials. The outside and various parts on the inside are made from recycled plastic, the insulation is made from recycled textiles. The homes are fully equipped and are spacious.

In addition to inspiring, the social aspect is also very important to the foundation. They offer people who are somehow distanced from the labor process the opportunity to participate.

The first 16 houses are currently located partly inside and partly on the outside area of ​​the old Philips site in Hoorn. Ultimately, the houses will end up in Andijk, ready to live in.

greenSand is a nice addition

Roof ballast that captures CO2

greenSand supports these types of sustainable and social initiatives and has donated the roof ballast for the houses. The roofs are equipped with greenSand decorative chippings in the gradation 8-16mm. In addition to being functional, this also cleans up CO₂ for now and generations to come.

7.5 CO2 cleanup certificates have been sold from this project. This will allow greenSand to sponsor other initiatives in the future, such as the construction of semi-paving at your sports club, petting zoo or vegetable garden association.

non-profit and need a path?

We are still looking for new projects

Does your association or foundation need stone or sand? Would you like to contribute to a better climate? Please register via our contact form.

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