Working together towards a sustainable living environment

Partners from the very beginning

One of the founders of NL Greenlabel, the internationally recognized landscape architect Nico Wissing, sought out Olaf Schuiling because of his interest in the use of olivine as a natural solution in the fight against climate change. Together with Olaf he looked for possibilities to use olivine-rich stones in his garden designs. This is how he came into contact with greenSand founder Eddy Wijnker. Together they worked on various projects, including the winning garden design during the 2010 Gardening World Cup in Nagasaki, Japan. In the same year, Nico and Lodewijk Hoekstra founded NL Greenlabel.

NL Green label

Double the value of the green

The mission of NL Greenlabel is to double the value of greenery in the living environment by 2030. A nature-inclusive living environment means more balance between people and nature. Based on the philosophy that ambitions in the field of sustainability in the living environment only make sense if they are concrete and measurable, NL Greenlabel maps all aspects of sustainability in the living environment based on data and human knowledge.

They have developed a scientifically based, integrated assessment framework with which plants, materials and products - but also gardens, sites and areas - can be assessed and labeled. They work to increase and share the knowledge of “green” professionals.

Working together on a nature-inclusive living environment

Green network

NL Greenlabel has now grown into an extensive partner network including suppliers, producers, growers, landscapers, construction companies and knowledge institutes. Together they help governments, area developers and companies to achieve their sustainable goals. greenSand, the CO2 cleaner, is proud of the partnership and is happy to work with other NL Greenlabel partners on a nature-inclusive living environment for all Dutch people!

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