A new year: good start

We have arrived in the year 2023. And we are also ready to start fresh and fruity with this year's major CO 2 cleanup.

Reduce CO2


At greenSand we clean up CO 2 by using the power of the natural rock olivine . At greenSand we start from the idea that you reduce what you can and compensate what CO 2 is currently still being emitted or is already in the air (historical emissions).


Many companies have already started mapping their CO 2 footprint. This is the starting point for CO 2 reduction. With a good image, you get a good insight into where the possibilities lie. Fortunately, you don't have to reinvent the wheel yourself.

Here we list a number of resources for you:


If you want to get started for your company, the site CO2emissiebanden.nl is a good starting point. This is an initiative of Milieu Centraal, Stimular, SKAO, Connekt and the national government.

A step-by-step plan has been worked out and you will find useful tools on the Climate Square site.

You can also get started with the tools of Envirometer .


You can calculate the CO 2 footprint of your household via the Milieucentraal site.


If you are already a step further, we have various options for you to compensate for any residual or historical emissions.

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