This is the first project we are carrying out with olivine-rich rock flour. Before we could get started, we took soil samples. This counts as a zero measurement. The necessary papers for each plot have been submitted to Oncra, which will also issue credits for this project. The rock flour was ordered and then:

Rain, rain and more rain

The fields were soaking wet and the farmers could not get on the land, especially in Belgium it was disastrous. The fields looked like this:

Good news:

4 tons of greenSand rock flour have now been applied to 1 plot of farmer Monique. Farmer Gerben has the olivine rock flour ready. There too it is a matter of waiting until it is dry enough. That will work with the current temperatures (27-28 °C :)

There are still a number of certificates available for the project. This allows you to offset (part of) your unavoidable emissions and support greenSand in the fight against climate change. Are you participating ?

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