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The last performances

An informative cabaret performance "Overvloed" with the aim of getting the audience to act in a joint fight against climate change. The performance promises a mix of hard confrontation with figures by oceanographer Sjoerd Groeskamp with humorous perspective by comedian Patrick Nederkoorn. This way you won't go home with a bad feeling, but hopefully with a little more sense of urgency.

Scene photo Sjoerd and Patrick: Heleen Jonkman


Our contribution

After the performance in which climate change has been made transparent and tangible, visitors will receive a sample bag of greenSand olivine: this way you too can help to put a stop to climate change.

Podcast with Eddy Wijnker

In the subsequent podcast on April 20, greenSand Founder Eddy Wijnker will appear to tell more about his vision to commit to CO2 removal through the use of olivine-rich rock.

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