Two years ago, the Deltares knowledge institute started a study that tested olivine rock from Spain and Norway. The aim of the research focused on the one hand on the weathering speed in the open field (instead of in a laboratory).

Weathering rate

By being able to make good predictions with regard to weathering, it can be used in construction, for example, to demonstrably offset CO2 emissions. The rock Olivine can also be used as an alternative building material, for example instead of sand or gravel. That is what we at greenSand have been focusing on for a long time.

Nickel no adverse effect

A second research point was the question whether the nickel present leads to problems for the environment. The conclusion is: "We conclude that our predictions are correct, the nickel contamination was limited and there were no adverse effects on the vegetation in the test sections."

This may offer prospects for future use on agricultural land. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly.


The results of this research are currently only readable to people with a great deal of knowledge of chemistry and formulas. In the near future, we will continue to make the model user-friendly. This allows as many potential customers as possible to work with it.

As an academic and interested person, you can already read the report via this link: Olivine weathering in field trails .


  • Kai van greenSand:

    @Jan Solleveld: Hallo jan, doordat jij één van de grotere gradaties Olivijn gebruikt zal dit geen nadeel hebben op je installaties.

    02 January 2023

  • Jan Solleveld:

    Ik gebruik regenwater van mijn daken ook voor toiletspoeling.
    Dat water komt ook van mijn sedum dak waar rondom smal strookje olivijn ligt. Heeft dat nadeel voor de installaties?

    02 January 2023

  • Kai Geertsma:

    @Don Norris, thank you for pointing that out. It seems the source has changed the URL. We have adjusted it to the new URL. If you have anymore questions feel free to reach out gain.

    29 December 2022

  • don norris:

    Link to weathering field trials data didn’t work for me.
    Shown as page no available
    here is link

    29 December 2022

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