Promotional action

We at greenSand have made it a green summer by handing out our greenSand potting soil. People could register their street via Facebook. Every week we drew a winning street and went there with a bus full of bags of potting soil.


grass fowl

Founder of greenSand Eddy Wijnker and employee Elvira Davidsz arrived in Grashoen in Eindhoven with a car full of greenSand products. The residents of Grashoen were the first winners of the greenSand potting soil campaign!

Most residents enthusiastically opened the door when they saw the greenSand potting soil bag. A resident from the street: "I had never heard of greenSand until your letter. What a nice idea to generate more awareness in this way!"


A wet visit

In the pouring rain, greenSand handed out free bags of potting soil again! This time the greenSand zip code prize was won in Haren, Groningen.

To make the action even more festive, we put on the boots and brought the bags to the door! We received nice reactions to that. Residents were very grateful for the extra service!


The greenest street

Thursday, August 29, greenSand did a very green action in Schiedam! Three streets, namely Arnolidipad, Frenkelpad and Albert van Raalteplein, received free greenSand sustainable potting soil to collect points for the competition: the greenest street in Schiedam!

Residents were pleasantly surprised with the bag of soil. "Every little bit is a bonus!" A total of 86 bags of potting soil were distributed in Schiedam. After a quick calculation, it becomes clear that Schiedam has bound 53 kg of CO2!

greenSand potting soil

A good soil is half the battle. The greenSand potting soil is good for the plants and the future. The potting soil is balanced with 8 weeks of natural food. The olivine in the potting soil gradually releases magnesium, which ensures that your plants get greener leaves and stronger stems.

co2 compenseren

The greenSand potting soil winners at a glance

Below is an overview of all other winners of the potting soil promotion:

Earth is the biggest winner

Of course we have set up this action to create more awareness for the solution that the earth has to remove CO2 from the air. To help the earth, we sprinkle our greenSand Olivine

Congratulations Homes!

Congratulations residents of Houses! The third greenSand green action fell on not 1, but 3 postcodes!

CO2 reduction with greenSand Olivine in Almelo

And another greenSand car loaded with potting soil for the winners of the potting soil campaign, this time in Almelo!

In collaboration with our point of sale in Almelo, Gert Schorn Groencentrum, we are once again ensuring CO2 reduction. The reaction of greenSand employee Elvira: "The best thing about this campaign is the reaction we get from people. They are so surprised by the campaign!"

Lewis enthusiastically

greenSand held another successful CO2 reducing potting soil campaign in Leusen. This was a special action in collaboration with the COOL Werkgroep in Leusden. greenSand and the COOL Working Group met each other at the Olivine seminar in Rotterdam, November 2012. COOL was very enthusiastic about the possibilities of Olivine in Leusden. Now, half a year later, the first action with olivijn comes in Leusden!

Residents were amazed and amazed at the action. Many indicated that they would immediately start working with it this weekend in the garden. Fortunately, the weather cooperates.

Maassluis happy with the zip code action of greenSand olivijn

Yesterday Plevierstraat was made happy with greenSand CO2 reducing potting soil. In this street, several people came to the greenSand car to pick up their bags immediately at 5 o'clock.

It quickly became clear to greenSand that the letter that residents receive at home is read well. A resident of the Plevierstraat: "What a fun campaign! We are happy to participate in making the world a bit greener!"

CO2 reduction with olivine started in Dinxperlo

Yesterday greenSand was present in Dinxperlo to hand out free potting soil enriched with olivine. Many residents were not yet familiar with the sustainable product and were also very happy with the opportunity to test the greenSand product!

Curious cyclists even from surrounding streets flocked to the greenSand car. An interested party: "I heard about this initiative through the grapevine and immediately loved it! What an elegant way to contribute to a sustainable earth!"

Beuningen happy with CO2 reducing greenSand potting soil

Thursday 25 July we were present in the Claudiuslaan in Beuningen where we surprised residents with free greenSand potting soil!

There were quite a few people on vacation. Fortunately, these people can still pick up their greenSand potting soil enriched with olivine at our collection point in Beuningen: Cristallijn childcare.

Waddinxveen surprised with greenSand potting soil

On Friday, July 26, greenSand handed out bags of potting soil with olivine in collaboration with sales outlet Willemstein Hoveniers. A number of families just came back from vacation and were pleasantly surprised with this promotion!

Groningen surprises with greenSand olivine

On Thursday, August 8, the greenSand car was parked in the Klooslaan in Groningen to distribute free potting soil enriched with olivine. Many residents could not believe their eyes when they opened the door. "You even bring the excavated earth!" was often called.

Many people were also well aware of the activities of this week's ecological care farm and collection point: the Mikkelhorst.

Introduction greenSand Olivine in Leeuwarden

Thursday, August 1, greenSand was in Leeuwarden to introduce olivine with the zip code promotion. The street De Zijlroede was given the opportunity to try potting soil with olivine for free. Many residents had never heard of greenSand Olivine and were happy with the opportunity to test this product.

greenSand for the whole family in Maastricht

Last Thursday, greenSand handed out free CO2-reducing potting soil enriched with olivine. This week we were in the Burgundian city of Maastricht. In collaboration with our collection point, the sustainable gift shop WAAR, it was possible to give all residents of the street Jekerschans sustainable support and tell them about the mineral olivine.

Harlingen involved residents

On Thursday, August 22, greenSand drove through the Zuidoostersingel and the Franekertrekvaart to distribute free olivine potting soil. This promotion was held to draw extra attention to our new point of sale in Harlingen: De Roode Ploeg!

Rarely have we had such an involved and caring neighborhood to hand out the potting soil. Every resident we encountered was very enthusiastic and enthusiastic about the action!

Enkhuizen meets olivine

With a new point of sale and a potting soil promotion campaign, Enkhuizen has been informed of a greenSand olivine! Friday, August 23, greenSand was in the street Seyndersloot to spread the word.

Organic store De Ahorn was happy with the extra promotion: "You can really see that you are attracted to the product, a nice sympathetic promotion!".

Haarlem a bit greener again!

Last Friday, greenSand was in Haarlem for the first time. Surprised, residents of the Pijnboomstraat came out to get their bag of greenSand potting soil. We were also asked a number of times how they had earned this bag.

IJsselstein discovers the possibilities of olivine

Friday 6 September greenSand was present in the Johann Knoopstraat in IJsselstein. There we introduced more than 60 households to greenSand Olivine.

Residents reacted curiously and positively. Often heard was the phrase: “How did we deserve this award?” greenSand can hold the postcode action by the greenSand CO2 certificate holders. Because individuals and companies buy certificates, we can distribute more olivine. So also in IJsselstein.

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