The greenSand breaker sand or sweeping sand, as it is also called, is of course different. It is made from olivine-rich stones and therefore absorbs CO₂ . This happens through a process called natural weathering. Each grain of the mineral Olivine can absorb its own weight in CO₂ . All that is needed for this is water. So you can sweep your street and CO₂ at the same time tidy.

Our new crusher sand is a gradation smaller (previously 0-3 mm), making it easier to use in the narrow joints of tiles. It contains few fine particles. As a result, there are no "blemish" spots on the tiles.

greenSand breaker sand is a coarse sand that has a high hook resistance due to the angular shape of the small stones (0-2 mm). This ensures stability and a water-permeable surface for paving. The stones become fixed and cannot shift during showers or when weight is placed on the stones. In addition, it slows down the growth of weeds, algae and moss. Because it is permeable to water, it can also be used as a surface for artificial grass.

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