A greener and friendlier Zuiddijk

On the initiative of Dim van Gerven, the Zuiddijk entrepreneurs association in Zaandam has given part of the Zuiddijk a sustainable and friendlier appearance by means of a greener design. Ten large tree containers with birch trees and low-flowering plants surprise shoppers with the seasons, starting with spring! And with colorful tree planters in the summer season, De Zuiddijk celebrates the 'Summer Fair' on July 6! The high-quality tree tubs are made of Corten steel, the natural oxidation layer of the steel gives De Zuiddijk a stylish and durable appearance.

Bouman Outdoors took care of the installation and planting of the ten tree planters on the Zuiddijk in Zaandam. The containers are planted with birch trees. Beautiful finely leafed trees with white bark. They are strong and can absorb a lot of rainwater. Furthermore, the undergrowth consists of annual flowering and perennials. The tree tubs are adopted and maintained by the shopkeepers. Entrepreneurs Association Zuiddijk not only cares about the shopping public. Sustainability played a major role in the decision and purchase of the tree planters. CO2 on the Zuiddijk is not only cleared away by the trees, plants and roots, but also by the special greenSand tree substrate that the bins are filled with. The tree sand is enriched with olivine, a mineral that clears up CO2 by slowly weathering with moisture and at the same time releases magnesium into the soil. The tree tubs with the greenSand thus clear an additional ± 700 kilos of CO2!

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