Nativity Scene of Olivine Sand


From the opening on December 13 to January 6, a special sand sculpture can be admired on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague. The sculpture, made of 48,000 kg of sand from greenSand, is the world's first. This is in fact the first work of art built by the Sand Academy that also combats the greenhouse effect. During the breakdown of the nativity scene, on 6 January from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, residents, entrepreneurs and visitors from The Hague can take a bucket or bag of greenSand sand free of charge. Spreading this sand over streets, gardens and public gardens helps to bind 48,000 kg of CO2. With the support of various sponsors, greenSand and the Hague organization World Sand Sculpting Academy WSSa, together with the residents and entrepreneurs of Buurschap Centrum 2005, have realized this 'green' Christmas initiative in the Netherlands, which has never been seen before.


Biz Buurtschap Centrum 2005
Frits Huffnagel City Marketing & Communication
Residents' Association Buurtschap Centrum 2005
Driessen Assuradoelen
Escher in the Palace
Hotel des Indes
Lan Services
World Sand Sculpting Academy
greenSand Stock NV

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