olivine in 2 for 12

What is the name of the mineral that is also called peridot or chrysolite?

2 for 12 . Astrid Joosten with question eight.


Olivine. Olivine is an important mineral in rocks such as the mantle rock peridotite (dunite) and as small crystals in basalt. Olivine occurs as a rock-forming mineral in mafic igneous rocks and in certain metamorphic rocks. Olivine is formed in magma that is rich in magnesium and low in silica (silicon dioxide).

CO2 capture

Olivine has been mentioned as a cheap way to extract CO2 from the atmosphere. Olivine reacts relatively quickly with the (acidic) CO2 in the atmosphere. The reaction is exothermic. The final products of the reaction are, depending on the composition of the olivine, magnesium carbonate, silica (sand) and iron oxide. GreenSand Olivine, commercially available in the Netherlands, binds 1 kg of CO2 per kg.

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