Test semi-paved on Schiermonnikoog


On Schiermonnikoog, test strips are being installed to replace the unsustainable shell paths with semi-paved surfaces, as de Leeuwarder Courant today.

Eddy Wijnker founder of greenSand says that Olivine is a perfect solution for Schiermonnikoog. Extracting shells costs a lot of CO2 and also disrupts the ecosystem of the Wadden Sea. greenSand Olivine, on the other hand, is much more efficient. greenSand Olivine removes CO2 and ensures that CO2 goes back into the ground together with rainwater and the mineral Olivine. This is how we turn CO2 into stone.


We regularly lay semi-paved surfaces. How beautiful would it be if you walk on crackling sand and Olivine stones and thereby also combat climate change?

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