Theater Harness - Plays Fragile on greenSand Olivine

Curious about theater with greenSand olivine? You can see it this spring and summer in several places. Theater Tuig will give a new application to greenSand olivine sand with the performance "Breekbaar".


A group of makers from various art disciplines with visual artist Marc van Vliet as the artistic pivot. Their performances represent a combination of music, image and theater and are designed at the locations where they play. Here they look for a natural rhythm for their performances. This is expressed in the authentic materials as well as in the form of the musical images and installations. For fifteen years, Tuig has been a guest at summer festivals throughout Europe. With its own visual language, Tuig has acquired a place in the theatre/performance range.

The performance: "Fragile"

In 2013, Harness presents a new project, 'Breekbaar'.
A careful search for the experience of the moment.
It is fragile.
A visual ritual, musically sliding in time, an improvisation of image and sound.

This performance, with a physical battle, will respond to the location, the atmosphere and the weather.

Rig is inspired by the sand carpet. This custom was applied in farmhouses to decorate the floor for the weekend. Over the course of the week, the sand spread and scoured the floor. A carpet will be made around a musical/image object, the surface determines which materials will be used. Harness works on squares and streets with greenSand olivine. The mineral olivine binds CO2. This makes it possible for Tuig to keep almost the entire production CO2 neutral.

Playdates 2013

May 26 Try Out, Gallery Waarkunst, 't Waar
15 to 22 June Oerol Terschelling
6 and 7 July Deventer op Stelten, Deventer
13 and 14 July Doetinchem Extraordinary, Doetinchem

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