Handing out sand Nativity scene - The Hague

January 6th it's that time again: Epiphany . During this illuminated day, the Nativity Scene of Olivine Sand in The Hague will be dismantled and everyone can take a bucket or bag of the Olivine Sand for free! (Bring your own bag or bucket)

If we spread and reuse all the sand from the nativity scene, we bind 48000 kg of CO2! That means we compensate for 342,858 km of an average car.

Take a bucket or bag of the Olivine sand and spread it by using it in his garden or on the balcony as an enrichment of the soil. Or use it as gritting sand to combat slipperiness. It is also possible to close joints between stones with the sand.

The distribution of the sand will take place on January 6 from 2-6 pm on the Lange Voorhout near the Escher in the Palace and Hotel des Indes.

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