co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: Parking space of the Staelduinse Bos

Clearance potential: 43000 kg CO₂

Sustainable parking space from Olivine

Cleaning up CO₂ with a sustainable parking space. It was possible even before there were any cars. In 's-Gravenzande, one of the first climate-neutral parking spaces has been constructed. This project was realized with greenSand Olivine Half Hardening . The project was opened in the presence of alderman Snijders van Westland and Michiel Houtzagers, director of the South Holland landscape.

CO₂ compensation project

This CO₂ clean-up project was made possible in part by the University of Twente. A division of the University of Twente (BIOS: Lab on a chip group) offsets tons of CO₂ every year. Thanks to the CO₂ compensation of this university, we have been able to realize the CO₂ neutral parking spaces in the Staelduinse Bos.

Water-permeable pavement

In addition to the fact that the client was looking for a climate-resistant solution for the parking spaces. Was it also necessary to use a water-permeable pavement. For this reason, the 0-6mm gradation greenSand Olivine was chosen for this project. This semi-hardened surface is also water-permeable and maintenance-friendly, so the choice was made quickly.

Cleaning up CO₂ with sustainable parking spaces

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