greenSand olivine semi-paving 0-6m

Cycling, walking, jogging

Meet the path of the future. Or rather... the path for the future.

With greenSand's sustainable semi-paving you make every project CO2 neutral. After all, every ton of semi-hardening of olivine-rich rock permanently removes one ton of CO2.

We are on our way to a climate neutral world. Will you walk with us?

Maintenance friendly

Whether you are looking for a semi-paved surface for your garden or a semi-paved surface for your parking space. You are probably not looking for a semi-paved surface that becomes slippery and green from the algae.

Therefore choose a stable semi-hardening that, thanks to its natural de-acidifying effect, is not only durable, but also very maintenance-friendly. Algae do not like the deacidifying effect of Olivine and therefore leave your project alone.

You clean up CO₂

The mineral olivine removes its own weight in CO₂. This way you lower your climate footprint and make every project CO2 netural.

We want to make progress and clean up the surplus of CO2. Will you help?

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Water-permeable semi-hardening

Climate change is not visible, but the consequences are. The demand for permeable paving is increasing. Both for nature and for our infrastructure.

With the natural semi-paving of greenSand you create beautiful grey-green and water-permeable paths. Ideal for nature areas. But even more effective in urban areas.

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greenSand semi-paving

fietspad met greenSand halfverharding

On the bike path

Thanks to the high hook resistance, you create a stable surface that is suitable for both the wheelchair and the bicycle. Cycling has never been so sustainable.

tuinpad verhard met greenSand

CO2 clearing hiking trail

100% natural, low maintenance and very water permeable. And then also beautiful for the eye and the climate.

openbare parkeerplekken

In front of the car park

Show that you care about the environment and the climate. Do your part and make every project CO2 neutral from now on.

Time for action

Contact our specialist in the field of the construction of sustainable semi-paving with greenSand Olivine.

Order directly yourself?

You can order our greenSand semi-paving in Big Bags via our webshop. For bulk or a custom quote, please contact us using the form below.