Boot path

A good example of how a project with greenSand Olivine comes about is the former “boot path” in the Vogelenzang park in Spijkenisse. The path, where you used to walk through the mud with your boots, has recently been paved to give more people access to the path. One side of the path had already been paved with shells. For the other side, greenSand Olivine was chosen. This was because the supervisor on duty had read about us and he thought it would be a good idea to apply this.

They switched Braber landscaping to create the path. They applied a bottom layer with geotextile, over which a layer of about 7 cm with greenSand Olivine was applied. Over a length of 700 meters. A total of 104 tons of greenSand decorative gravel with a grade of 2-6 was used for this purpose.

The more the path is walked on, the faster the reaction occurs so that the Olivine clears the CO2. So if you live nearby and walk in the park, you know you're doing a good job: for yourself and for the atmosphere.

Also a CO2 building a clearing path? Look at here the possibilities.

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