Permanent cleanup certificates

The choices you make as a company directly affect the world around us. We would like to encourage you to reduce CO₂ as much as possible where possible. But we also offer you the option to offset CO₂ emissions. You can go as crazy as you want with business CO2 compensation. Whatever you do, with us you are assured that the CO₂ you offset will be captured forever.

Some examples of what you can compensate for CO2 as a company:

- Business air travel
- Business car trips
- The emissions of your products
- Offer CO₂ neutral transport
- The emissions of your building
- The emissions of your staff
- The total print of your company
- Or just randomly clean up CO₂

Business solutions

CO₂ neutral sales

Selling with as little impact as possible? Compensate for the emissions of your products.

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CO₂ neutral business

Permanently remove your company's emissions. Contact us for the possibilities.

Do business CO₂ neutral

Custom collaboration

Do you have another idea for a collaboration? Get in touch.

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Climate resistant gifts

Looking for a sustainable gift for your employees or business relations? We will help you.

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Why offset CO₂ at greenSand?

With greenSand you can be sure that the CO₂ you calculated will actually be cleaned up. The Olivine weathering process is a natural and permanent solution from the earth for the removal of CO₂. If you choose greenSand, you choose a compensation certificate that retains its value.