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NatureGreen is a supplier of green roofs for private individuals, companies and resident groups. The sedum they use comes directly from the nursery and the sedum mats are 95% pre-grown. This ensures that the green roof immediately adds greenery to the environment. They use greenSand olivine to create a sustainable gravel strip around the green roof. This gravel strip mainly ensures good drainage.

Where do you know greenSand from?

First acquaintance

Our introduction to greenSand came about because we were approached by representative Kai. We have been working with greenSand for about a year now. We can report with satisfaction that we experience this collaboration positively. The olivine-rich edge finish is not only found visually attractive by customers, but also contributes to an even more sustainable roof.

Why actually?

benefits of a green roof

  • The room becomes less warm.
  • It is a beautiful and pleasant sight instead of a gray roof.
  • A green roof collects rainwater and dampens sounds.
  • It protects your roof covering.
  • Good for the environment, for critters and ensures a cleaner environment.

Working together towards a green future


At NatureGreen we remain committed to high-quality green roofs that have a positive impact on both the environment and our customers. Our collaboration with greenSand is a valuable addition to our mission.

NaturGreen's slogan: replace gray with green and enjoy the benefits!

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