greenSand decorative split 16-32 mm


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Climate resistant

High hook resistance

Natural product

Removes CO₂

greenSand decorative split Gradation 16-32mm

Beautiful for your garden and the planet

The greenSand decorative split of 16-32mm is the largest fraction in our range. The split is broken from Olivine rich rock. The rock has a gray-green color and permanently removes CO₂ through weathering. In addition, this fraction has a very high hook resistance and is also permeable to water. This way you prevent unwanted puddles of water.

sustainable and climate resistant

Maintenance friendly

Due to the natural reaction of Olivine with rainwater, it deacidifies the soil and inhibits the growth of algae and weeds. As a result, your decorative split retains its original color, unlike other decorative splits that turn green over time.

greenSand decorative split 16-32mm is suitable for:

duurzaam groen dak met olivijn

Green roofs

Olivine has a higher specific weight and is therefore very suitable as a drainage edge.

Hiking trails

Due to the high hook resistance, this decorative split is also suitable as a walking path.

Decorative pavement

The ideal sustainable water-permeable paving for small and large projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade do I need?

This mainly depends on your goal.

Below are some examples:
- Parking space: 8-16mm/16-32mm
- Green roofs: 16-32 mm
- Garden Paths: 2-6mm/8-16mm
- Garden Terrace: 2-6mm/8-16mm
- Gravel box: all gradations possible
- Ornamental paving: all gradations possible
- Splash water edge: all gradations possible

Tip: animals do not like to walk over the 16-32 mm gradation. If you want to make your project animal-friendly, choose 2-6 mm or 8-16 mm.

If you have any further questions, please contact us using the form below.

What layer thickness do I need?

The layer thickness depends on the substrate. In general we recommend a layer thickness between 5-8 cm. You will have to lay thicker on a softer surface than on a harder surface. It is of course always possible to add some split a few years later.

Where can I pick up the product

Click here for a list of all points of sale near you.

How high are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs differ per purchase and are automatically calculated based on the weight during the checkout process. For large projects you can always request a quote using the form below.

How much CO₂ do I clean up?

The greatest profit is achieved by using greenSand as an alternative. Since other decorative splits do not clean up CO₂ and only emit CO₂. The exact amount of CO₂ that you clean up depends on the amount of weight you need for your project. You can assume 1 ton of CO₂ per 1 ton of Olivine. In reality, you will clean up more than 1 ton of CO₂ per ton of Olivine. However, we retain part of the CO₂ for our own account, due to transport, grinding, etc.

Where can I find the technical documentation?

All relevant technical documentation can be found in our downloadable product sheets on this page.

Application Ornamental split 16-32

"Let the earth help us save the earth"

Every kilo of greenSand clears up 1 kilo of CO₂

The mineral Olivine weathers (rusts) with the CO₂ in the rainwater. It has been proven in the lab that 1kg of greenSand Olivine captures 1kg of CO₂. However, we are convinced that it goes even faster in real nature. By using greenSand Olivine as a replacement in as many applications as possible worldwide, we can permanently capture a large part of the CO₂ surplus in a natural way. Will you also contribute?