co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: Kleinouw 71-86 Andijk

Cleanup started: 2024

Cleanup capacity: 14.5 kilos of CO₂

Social, inspiring and creative

For a better world

Clean2Anywhere is a collective of rethinkers and practical doers who realize inspiring projects with waste. They started in Hoorn, but found a new home in Krommenie in 2024. Here they build residential units largely made from secondary materials: recycled plastic and recycled textiles. The homes are fully equipped and are spacious.

With a view to a better world, the foundation offers various opportunities for people who are somehow at a distance from the labor process.

Here you can see how recycled textiles are used as insulation material

with a roof that cleans up CO2

28 residential units

The first tiny houses have now been moved to Andijk in North Holland. The local housing association the Grand Battle owns the houses and will allocate them via the regular housing site. Ultimately, there will be 28 residential units for a period of 10 years.

greenSand has donated olivine-rich rock for the roofs of these residential units. This captures CO₂ naturally during the life of the stones. So even if the location is given a different destination after ten years, they continue to make their contribution. It is therefore a real cradle2cradle solution.

Photo: first houses at their destination in Andijk

CO2 Clearance Certificates

Make your contribution with greenSand

greenSand previously sold 7.5 certificates for the first 16 tiny houses built in Hoorn. For the other 12 residential units that will be placed in Andijk, we offer you the opportunity to contribute to this great initiative and thus be part of our major CO₂ cleanup. There are 14 certificates available. This allows you to offset (part of) your own unavoidable CO₂ emissions.

With the proceeds, greenSand can sponsor other initiatives in the future, such as the construction of semi-paving at your sports club, the local petting zoo or vegetable garden association.

Photo: Taken at the construction site in Hoorn

to come in action

For a better world

Clean2Anywhere started as Clean2Antarctica. A journey across the South Pole in a car made from waste plastic with the aim of providing inspiration to take action for a better world. read the story of the journey here.

At greenSand we share the sense of urgency to take action. That is why we have once again donated the roof ballast.

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