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By purchasing this certificate you help the earth to solve the surplus of carbon particles the atmosphere. With the revenue of these voluntary carbon cleanup certificates, we can conduct further research into new possibilities (e.g. whether it can be applied in agriculture) to make the carbon cleanup through rock weathering even more accessible.

Working together for the future

Sustainable roof ballast for tiny houses

Clean2Anywhere is a collective of rethinkers and practical doers who realize inspiring projects with waste. In Krommenie they build Tiny Houses that they largely make from secondary materials such as plastic waste and discarded jeans.
The first 16 houses that were built in a warehouse on the old Philips site in Hoorn have found a destination on the Kleingouw in Andijk. There is room for 28 houses here in total. They are managed by the local housing associationThe Grand Battle.We were once again able to supply the roof ballast for the remaining houses.

Permanently capture carbon dioxide

Sponsored projects

greenSand supports these types of sustainable and social initiatives and has donated the roof ballast for the houses. The roofs are equipped with greenSand decorative chippings in the gradation 8-16mm. In addition to being functional, this also cleans up CO₂ for now and generations to come.

Carbon cleanup certificate: Clean2Anywhere

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