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With an eye on the future

Just like Eddy Wijnker, the CEO of Liv Tech, Mr. Fujiu, is also someone who likes to look ahead. While searching for sand for artificial grass, they came across the carbon removing property of greenSand infill sand. They got excited and started to shape their ideas about how they can help the Earth to help us. An exploratory step was taken with a stand at the Tokyo Expo. This was Japan's first introduction to greenSand and the reactions were very positive.

Last week we took further steps with the launch of greenSand Japan, represented by Gunma Prefecture-based company Liv Tech. Messrs. Fujiu and Kim came to Enkhuizen for this purpose.

Coming Soon

greenSand on Japanese roads

Although a number of things still need to be arranged, the people at Liv Tech hope to be able to deliver the first products very soon. Products that are already successfully used in the Netherlands will be marketed for the Japanese market. The olivine is mined in Japan itself, which is of course an excellent starting point with regard to the life cycle analysis. The Japanese greenSand will also be certified by ONCRA, so that they are assured of tested material and a proven calculation method.

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