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greenSand works together with a number of CO₂ Cleanup partners who are actively committed to cleaning up CO₂ emissions on a large scale. They check and certify Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Projects and CO₂ cleanup companies, such as greenSand.

Below you will find our partners who are committed to reducing global warming by cleaning up carbon dioxide.

CO2 compensation via ONSETs

Onsetting is offsetting without greenwashing. Onsets facilitates offsets that actually work and have a direct impact to reverse climate change. is the Climate Cleanup Foundation's carbon removal credit sales platform. All credits are based on measurements and ONCRA certified.

Verified compensation with ONSETs

CO2 compensation via Carbon Removed

Carbon Removed's vision is to reverse human-induced climate change. People who live in harmony with the living planet - are considerate, act responsibly and take ownership of their actions.

They offer a platform on which you choose an amount of CO₂ that you want to remove, you buy it once or in the form of a monthly subscription. Carbon Removed pays for a number of CO₂ reducing projects, including our greenSand spreading projects. in return you will receive a certificate and nature will go to work to solve the climate crisis for us.

Click here for the Carbon Removed website

CO2 compensation via is our new partner located in Copenhagen. Klimate’s goal is to reverse climate change by removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere as possible and storing it as permanently as possible. Klimate is helping companies achieve Net Zero by combining the world's best carbon removal methods into portfolios that match their clients' budgets and ambitions. Through Klimate's portfolios, companies can remove CO2 from the atmosphere that corresponds to their unavoidable emissions. This helps scale these much-needed carbon removal methods that are crucial to reverse global warming.

Click here to start your Klimate portfolio.

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