The greenest green roof

Installing a green roof is one of the smarter choices nowadays. You extend the life of your roof, increase the value of your home and more importantly, you actively contribute to the environment. With a sedum roof, you need to burn less gas in the winter and cool less in the summer.

The sedum plant is good for biodiversity, has a positive effect on health and well-being. The sedum roofing lowers the temperature and improves the efficiency of your solar panels.

But how do you make a green roof even greener?

Even more green

Add even more benefits to your green roof. Roof gravel off and greenSand on.

greenSand around your sedum roof repels algae growth and does not discolour. In addition, you actively nourish the soil and deacidify the rainwater.

And most importantly...

You clean up CO₂

CO₂ returns to the earth via rainwater and is converted into lime by a natural process. You clean up an average of 5 kg of CO₂ per square meter of green roof. In the Netherlands we have 21 million square meters of gray roofs. The clean-up potential is therefore enormous. Time for action!

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Avoid blockages

The angular shape of greenSand Olivine ensures that vegetation has no chance to grow beyond the roof edge. In addition, it protects your downspout or drainage system against clogging.

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All green roof applications with greenSand

vegetatie vrije zone

As a vegetation free zone

Unlike gravel, Olivine repels algae and retains its color. This saves maintenance in the future.


As ballast

Due to the high specific weight of Olivine, it is also suitable as ballast. Always consult with your roofer first whether your day is suitable.

daktuin duurzaam

As a roof garden

The modern gray-green color makes it easy to create a roof garden that appeals to everyone. Greener is just much nicer.

Time for action

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Installing a sedum roof yourself?

Are you planning to install a sedum roof yourself? Then you can purchase the gravel replacement greenSand Olivine from us for your vegetation free zone.