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greenSand permanently cleans up CO₂ with olivine rock that is used in various projects. From a path in a playground to inspection paths along the track. We see possibilities wherever sand and stone are used.

Below you will find projects for which we issue CO2 cleanup certificates. This allows us to realize future projects and recoup part of the costs incurred.

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CO2 Clearance Certificate

For all projects an inventory is made of the grain size used, the tonnage and the expected clean-up capacity during the lifespan. This results in a number of certificates that we issue for a project.


Maarten walks in the Science Park and tells you more about CO2 cleanup certificates

greenSand has been contributing olivine-rich stones for 16 years

Finished projects

Here you will find a selection of the projects that greenSand has collaborated on. These were partly created by greenSand CO2 cleanup certificate holders.

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