co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: Recreational islands Vroonermeer North
(between Alkmaar - Sint Pancras)
Clean-up potential: More than 300 tons

greenSand contributes to this

Green Mission of the municipality of Alkmaar

A start has been made on the construction of the greenSand semi-paving on the paths of the Vroonermeer Noord project.

The municipality of Alkmaar, which won the European Green Cities Award last year, continues with its green mission; creating 50,000 m² of greenery in seven years.

The organization responsible for management and maintenance within the municipality of Alkmaar, Stadswerk072, is taking another step towards greening and creating more biodiversity with the Vroonermeer Noord project.

The project consists of a variation of housing in the municipality of Alkmaar and a recreational area with water and greenery in the municipality of Langedijk. Important principles are the green appearance of the neighborhood and the climate-adaptive collection of rainwater.

Stones that contribute to a climate

greenSand Semi-hardening

greenSand semi-hardening will be applied to the paths of the two nature reserves that are part of this project. With greenSand Semi-hardening, Stadswerk072 creates a water-permeable pavement with a beautiful green-gray color, which offers good stability, even for people in wheelchairs. Stadswerk072 also does this with environmental benefits, because the olivine-rich rock captures CO2 through a natural process called rock weathering.

Stadswerk072 did not happen overnight. First, a delegation traveled to the Science Park in Amsterdam to inspect the greenSand Olivijn Pad, which was constructed there in 2015.

Contracting company Klein Texas

Work started

The trucks with greenSand Semi-hardening are processed by Contracting company Little Texasfrom Sint Pancras. This company from Sint Pancras is very consciously working on reducing energy consumption and reduction of CO2. In addition to the CO2 performance ladder, Klein Texas actively participates in the sector initiative 'Steering on CO2'Cumela.

It is still a bare-bones affair at the moment, but later this year we will go there again for a nice report.

Project Vroonermeer North

If you would like to read more about this beautiful green project, take a look at the Stadswerk072 project page.

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