greenSand himself will once again be represented by Garden TS at Garden Future 2011 in the Brabanthallen Diezekade 2 5222 AK Den Bosch. We are represented by Garden TS in their normal process, namely the Civil part [Ground, road and hydraulic engineering], but also the sale to private individuals. New this year are the greenSand Garden Soil and Potting Soil bags, which are also on display. Furthermore, bags of olivine (=greenSand) are distributed by the Olivine Group. At the bottom you will find a piece about Garden Future, maybe an idea to visit this!!!
Garden Future is the nursery of the garden industry
”The garden is going to change; not because we want to, but because consumers are changing. The coming years will be dominated by nutrition and health, nature, originality and purity, living differently and beneficial leisure activities. This has major consequences for the garden and everyone involved. Garden Future 2011 shows what it will be about in the coming years.”

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