Interview Nico Wissing

Nico Wissing speaking:
I became acquainted with greenSand olivine five years ago. I then read the book "Life without oil" by Bakas. It mentioned Olaf Schuiling, the professor who has done research on olivine in the Netherlands. I looked him up and together we looked at how I could use olivine in the garden designs I make. I've always been busy with honest materials in the garden, olivine was a good fit. Since then not a day goes by that I don't mention or promote olivine. Olaf then introduced me to Eddy Wijnker, the founder of greenSand. We have already done a number of projects together; such as the Floriade garden of 2012. There, greenSand olivine is used on various surfaces to enable weathering and thus bind CO2.

The 1000m² garden at the Floriade, designed not only by me, but also by Lodewijk Hoekstra, is made exclusively from sustainable products and materials. An electric car under the solar carport. Solar panels, vegetation walls and roofs in the edible garden house, a bamboo pavilion and floating solar panels. The sustainable garden shows new sustainable materials and techniques in landscaping based on daily life: living, working, private and 'city farming'. We are very pleased that this sustainable garden is being recreated in Doetinchem, it will be on display there from the end of June. GreenSand olivine will also be used there to strengthen the sustainable character of the garden.

We are now also working on NL Greenlabel passport. Here we develop a product passport that states exactly why the product is sustainable. Our aim is to bring together the various companies that are involved in sustainable innovative products: for consumers, but also for the professional market. We believe that these companies can strengthen each other, help each other and provide a complete picture of what the Netherlands has to offer in terms of sustainable supply. NL Greenlabel has received a Green Deal from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. A Green Deal is an initiative to give profitable ideas in the field of sustainability an extra push. This way, such ideas can actually be implemented. Economic Affairs supports the idea of ​​NL Greenlabel and encourages the linking of various companies in the field of sustainable outdoor living.

I definitely recommend using olivine in the garden, on the terrace or on the roof. Such a simple product for binding CO2 should be used on a larger scale. All you need to do with olivine is scatter!

More information about Nico Wissing or NL Green label .

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