greenSand near the Urals on Terschelling

It is now possible to order our 2 kg sprinkler and the 5 kg greenSand bucket of soil improver via the webshop. The bucket and the sprinkler are suitable for mixing with your compost, as a lime replacement for the lawn, but also against green deposits of algae on the stones.

The first buckets and sprinkle cans are now in use! For example, visitors to Holland Food and Flowers were happy with an original natural gift for the family who loves gardening and our driver made many people happy this week with a greenSand bucket for the garden.

So is Marc van Vliet of Theater Tuig. He will use greenSand olivine in his new performance, which will premiere during the Oerol festival on Terschelling.

Manon van Dis , independent garden designer in Huizen, has also indicated that she is happy with her greenSand sprinklers: My natural stones have never been so beautifully free of algae! And greenSand olivine does not scratch my beautiful tiles.

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